Diocesan guidelines state that each parish school have a formally constituted advisory group. It is the responsibility of this group to offer counsel to the pastor/principal on matters concerning the school. School Advisory Council members are elected/appointed each spring for a three-year term to represent the school parents in contributing to school decision-making and policy information. They are to serve as the liaison between the school and the parish community.

2016-2017 Annual Tuition

Kindergarten through Grade 8

4 year old Preschool


Registration Fees
Family registration fees are in addition to the annual tuition. Registration fees are non-refundable and due at registration. Preschool thru Gr. 8 registration fee is $200.00 per family.

Method of Payment
There are two payment choices – Annual or SMART Program.  There will be no direct monthly payments to St. Peter School.  All preschool tuition will be handled the same as K-8.

Note: If you have children in both preschool and K-8, both tuitions may be combined on one SMART form. This requires only one SMART enrollment fee of $50.00 per year. An additional fee will be applied if payment is made by credit card.