Purchase Uniforms

Dress Code

  Basic Code

Clothes must be clean and without holes or frayed edges.
Shirts – official sweatshirts or polo shirts with logo; must be white or navy blue.
      Sweatshirts must be worn with a shirt color visible.  (No hooded sweatshirts.)
      Spirit wear, sweaters, and sweater vests must be white or navy blue.
      Shirts or blouses with collar must be white or navy blue.
Belt – must be worn if slacks have loops; must be a solid color
Socks – must be a solid color of black, navy blue, brown, or white
Dress Shoes – must be black, navy blue, brown, or with; non-marking soles

Girls’ Policy

Dress Slacks – must be navy blue, khaki or uniform plaid
Shorts – “walking-style” longer length dress shorts; must be navy blue or khaki
Skorts – must be navy blue or khaki
Skirts – pleated, kilt, or split skirts; must be uniform plaid, navy blue, or khaki
Uniform Vests – must be navy blue
Jumpers – must be uniform plaid, solid navy, solid khaki; K-4 ONLY
Pleated Polo Dress – must be navy blue; K-4 ONLY
Tights – Solid color- white, navy, black

Boys’ Policy

Dress Slacks – must be navy blue or khaki
Shorts – “walking-style” longer length dress shorts; must be  navy blue or khaki

Note to Parents: Shorts, skorts, skirts, split skirts or kilts must be within 2-3 inches above knee. Cargo pants or pants with patch pockets do not fit the dress code. Shirts and blouses need enough length to remain tucked in during the school day. Waist length and fitted blouses do not remain tucked in. They are not uniform length. Please purchase longer length to allow for activity and growth during school year.

  Casual Dress Day Attire

Clothes must be clean and without holes or frayed edges.

Permitted Attire

    Shorts, skirts, skorts no shorter than 3 inches above knee
    Shorts & pants must have finished hems or elastic fit around ankle
    Jean shorts, school uniform shorts, casual or dress shorts
    Pants, jeans, slacks, shorts, skorts and skirts that fit securely at waist
    Tennis shoes, athletic shoes
    Closed toe sandals with firm buckled heel straps

Not Permitted Attire

• Shorts, skirts, skorts more than 3 inches above knee
• Tight fitting knit shorts, biker shorts, leggings, yoga pants
• Clothing hanging from hips
• Pants that hang over shoe
• Layering of shorts, wind pants, sweatpants or jeans
• Tank tops, bare midriff, bare waist, halter tops
• Low cut or off shoulder tops, sleeveless shirts or blouses
• Clogs or open-toe sandals
• Clothing with foul language or inappropriate pictures
• Clothing with advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

  Additional Rules For All Students

  1. Non-uniform sweatshirts, jackets, sweater coats, or coats may not be worn in classrooms during school hours.
  2. No fad clothes or grooming-this includes no layering of shirts, no body piercing, and no tattoos.
  3.  Hair must be neatly groomed, in natural color and of reasonable length and style.
  4. Boys hair must be off collar, ear lobes showing, above eyebrows, no ponytails or tails, no long side hair worn tucked behind ear.
  5. Earrings (girls only) – one pair may be worn.

  Physical Eduation Dress Code

Students in Grades 4 through 8 wear a gym uniform consisting of a t-shirt and shorts. Shorts are navy mesh. T-shirts are plain white or navy, or St. Peter School logo (either embroidered bobcat or academic logo in upper left section). Students may also wear t-shirts which have been given to them by PTO during Catholic Schools Week. Students should have a gym bag to transport their gym clothes.

  Sports Dress Code For Athletes

CYO Bobcats (Grades 4, 5, & 6) have the option of wearing team jersey over a white polo shirt on Fridays during their sports season. Bobcat Cheerleaders have the option of wearing their cheerleading uniform top with school uniform slacks.
Jr. High athletes participating on school teams may wear team jersey over a white polo shirt on the day of the sporting event. When the event occurs on a weekend, athletes may wear the above choices on Friday.

  Specific Days For Additional Dress Codes

• Casual dress coupons may be used on Monday or Tuesday ONLY.
• All students may dress in casual or dress-up on the day they choose to celebrate their birthday.  This is their birthday treat!
• Students may not use casual dress coupons or birthday treat casual on days they will be in
church for liturgy.
• Students may not use casual dress coupons on field trip days. Teachers will announce field trip dress.
• Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cubs, Brownies, etc. may wear scout uniforms to school on meeting days.
• Students may wear casual dress on the Monday after an aluminum can collection if their class makes their quota of 10 cans per student. All students in every class are encouraged to participate. The classes meeting their quota will be announced by the school on the Friday of collection day.